Press Release

Subject: Press release chasing momentum
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 10:14:28 -0700

“Chasing Momentum” is the highly anticipated Los Angeles solo debut of Canadian artist Bill Sherwood. Doors are set to open at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts (GDCA Gallery) on November 3rd, 2015.
Sherwood’s groundbreaking collection of Reverse Paintings on Plexiglas are impossible to describe. They simply must be seen to be believed. This is work that has never been seen before. This work that has never been done before.
Sherwood redefines our concepts of Mixed Media Art. “Chasing Momentum” sets a new standard for how we experience painting, taking the two-dimensional art form into a third: Light.
Whether working abstractly or referencing figure, the trajectories of Sherwood’s paintings continue off the page, or rather off the glass. The element of light allows for an alternate narrative to develop, as our perception expands and our imagination becomes limitless.
“Light is in constant motion and it continues for us the creative flow”, Sherwood says, ”it adds another dimension, offering the viewer color, texture, glass and light on a single surface.”
The result are dramatic compositions of radiant colors, visceral texture and lighted reflections interlaced on plexiglas. Sometimes the artist creates LED lighted Shadow boxes, at other times the luminosity derives from layers of resin, which allow light to shine through from behind, or reflect off the surface.
Beneath the visual dramatics of his creations, Sherwood’s paintings center around the question of existence. The fight for survival, the grasping of mortality, the search for love. On a spiritual and emotional level, “Chasing Momentum” is metaphor for chasing Life itself. According tho the artist, “All we have is the next day …we are constantly chasing the next day of breath, the next breath itself. ‘Chasing Momentum’ ultimately is a metaphor for Chasing Love”.
Interestingly, the artists’ existential musings are commonly offset with irreverent perspectives, which are rooted not in judgement but in understanding of the human condition. “I like to take the opposite of an emotion or a concept and illustrate that point of view to make it enlightening.” Sherwood explains.
*ArtWalk Reception: November 12th from 12pm – 10pm.
**Special Artist Reception & Multi Media Event – featuring Music by Jahla: 6pm – 10pm, Saturday November, 21st 
*Closing Reception: November 28th from 6-10pm.